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· wolf eyes · pan.american
charles hayward · fuck buttons
zombie zombie · sergi jordà & reactable
arbol + solu · manuel rocha iturbide
ricardo arias · carlos suárez · miguel a garcía
mahmoud refat
· // [o_Ó]<< + _blank
elena cabrera
· machines désirantes · derwinzige

+ words, sounds and images:
sonidos bastardos. apuntes genealógicos sobre las músicas experimentales en españa
(bastard sounds. genealogical notes regarding experimental music in spain)
conference by miguel álvarez-fernández

resonancias magnéticas (magnetic resonances) >
video exhibition (presentation and projection)
videos: félix fernández . equipo moral . diegonante . velasco broca . mia makela
program selected by playtime audiovisuales

audiotravellings: polaroids y novelas sonoras
(audiotravellings: polaroids and sonorous novels)
> chat with
miguel álvarez-fernández . jaime munárriz . mit borrás . presentation by javier piñango

+ workshops:
la música electrónica como nueva banda sonora (electronic music as the new soundtrack) >
with miguel marín

creación audiovisual y escenografía (audiovisual creation and set design) >
with jaime munárriz





Audiotravellings, polaroids and sonorous novels

Electronics, experimentation and soundtracks… Electronic music working as the narrative element. Interacting with both image and scenery or just by itself, as a generator of invisible images, suggested and finally moulded into shape through their own sound. On 2009 Experimentaclub dedicates a good part of its program to the work of artists whose work has a marked narrative intention. As sonorous photographers, artists such as the British Pram or Pan.American (Mark Nelson, USA) transmit novels/postcards/films/portraits through their compositions. These are sometimes conceived with the complicity of the visuals and in other occasions, they arise from the simple, barely suggested, evocation.

In that way, covered with photograms and video, with scenes and movement, little B movie stories transformed into sound, is how this ninth edition of Experimentaclub presents itself. It will maintain as always its additional plus of risk and experimentation. Besides the already mentioned Pram and Pan.American, we also have to highlight the presence of Wolf Eyes and Fuck Buttons: noisy projects drenched in high tension and sonorous subversion. And the performance of an artist with the experience of Charles Hayward, ex-member of This Heat and Massacre. Next to them, Zombie Zombie (France), Sergi Jordà (the creator of the reactable offering one of the scarce live apparitions of this electronic instrument), Arbol + Solu presenting "Kaamos", the Colombian Ricardo Arias or the Mexican Manuel Rocha Iturbide. And lastly, two national artists, Carlos Suárez and Miguel A García, and a first approach to an unknown here Arabian electronic scene, by the hand of the Egyptian artist Mahmoud Refat.

Finally a space for words and divulgation with a program rich in workshops, chats, conferences and the exhibition of the video program Resonancias Magnéticas (Magnetic Resonances). The two workshops, conducted by Miguel Marín (Arbol) and Jaime Munárriz, will be centred on the overlapping of electronic music with films and set design, linking them with the main theme of Exp'09.




international experimental music festival
2nd to 4th october 2009
workshops: 1st to 3rd october 2009
patio, auditorio, sala audiovisual
price: 3 € (auditorio), 3 € (sala audiovisual: concerts), 6 € (patio) - 30 € (workshops)
other activities at sala audiovisual: free entrance
sale of tickets from monday 7th september:, tel. + 34 902 488 488 and La Casa Encendida (from 10 to 21:45h)




Previous editions

Photos (Flickr) previous editions


  Organized by:
c/Pez, 27 - 2º pta. 5 - 28004 Madrid - Tel: + 34 91 521 35 78

La Nota Producciones Musicales
c/Antonio Maura, 16 - 5º Izq. - 28014 Madrid - Tel: + 34 91 524 19 42

La Casa Encendida - Obra Social Cajamadrid
c/Ronda de Valencia, 2 - 28012 Madrid - Tel: + 34 902 43 03 22

Ricardo Arias and Manuel Rocha Iturbide are presents at Experimentaclub'09 within the artistic project 2009 EXP+LIMb0.
With the support of: AECID - Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo

Mahmoud Refat (Egypt) is present at Experimentaclub'09 with the support of Casa Arabe



Contact Experimentaclub:

Press Info Experimentaclub'09:
La Casa Encendida - Tel: + 34 91 506 38 84
Experimentaclub - Claudia Ortiz:
Experimentaclub Office - Tel: + 34 91 521 35 78
Press_Pack_Exp09 (info + high resolution photos)

Visual Ambient Design Experimentaclub'09 at La Casa Encendida: Pablo Vega

Cultural Management Experimentaclub: Betania Lozano

Texts: Javier Piñango
Translation: Silvia Jaunsolo
Experimentaclub Newsletter design: Manuel Bartual



Experimentaclub logotypes and image: Esther Berdión
Video for thematic ambients "trvlsnd": TagMagic (Esther Berdión / Jaime Munárriz)
Web design: TagMagic (Esther Berdión / Jaime Munárriz)